Laundry Room

Our laundry room has been on my “list of things to decorate” for forever. It is a long narrow space, functional, and most definitely not cute. I mean, does anyone have a “cute” laundry room? I know of a few and I wanted to join that club.

So I started daydreaming, pinteresting and brainstorming.

Originally I wanted to do a faux brick throughout, but that would take money/time/tools. So I kept thinking. I decided to wallpaper. That was expensive. So I kept thinking. I thought “OK maybe I’ll paint”. (I can paint some stuff, now. And pretty well, if I may say so myself) But I just couldn’t commit to it. So I kept thinking.

I finally decided to get this removable wallpaper from Target that I saw online, so I went to the nearest Target on a mission. I picked up the roll of paper and looked at it. Thought “this is going to look terrible” and put it back down. I did this a couple of times before I ultimately left the store empty handed.

The next day I see a post from an Insta-Friend who had used the very same paper from Target to do the backsplash in her kitchen. She gave a few “best practices” pointers on her blog, and gave me a gentle nudge. So I did it.

I promise you, this was THE EASIEST DIY OF ALL TIME. And look it is so stinkin’ pretty!!!!! Ahhhhh!

I never measured. You can if you want to. I just counted blocks and decided that 6 looked good. So I would count 6 and cut. I did this 3 times. When I got to the part behind the sink it was a little more difficult (like a 2 on a 10 scale), but all I did was just line it up and cut the excess.

If you give this a try, please let me know how it works for you!

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