We have a very open layout in our house. My husband loves it that he can see the TV from just about every angle, and I love it that the space feels bigger because it’s not chopped up by walls.

I was given a dining room table, by my grandpa, when we bought our first house. It seats 12. YES, TWELVE. We have a leaf (or two) stuck under beds, and half a dozen chairs unused in the attic.

Rewind to house hunting for our current home, one of my top priorities was finding a new house that had a dining room space. Those are rare. In truth, we have only sat in those chairs one time. It was Thanksgiving. But that’s not the point. My grandma had a dream of serving a meal to the whole family at that table. Even though she didn’t really have the space for it either. I remember using it once, maybe twice, before she passed away.

One day, I hope to serve a family dinner to my kids with their spouses and kids on this very same table.

So anyway… back to the search. We found a house that had a dining room! YAY! But I wanted a way to make it feel like it’s own space, even though it’s all connected.

Enter shiplap.

Not only did this define the space, but it also brightened up the living room (added bonus)!

We used plywood, purchased from Home Depot. I bought the 4×8 sheet of the thinnest plywood they had. They were $9.99/sheet. I had them cut into 6 inch slats (for free at the store). We spaced them about a nickle width apart and installed them with a nail gun. I used the same paint as the trim, which made it look seamless from top to bottom.

The whole project cost about $150, and was just the WOW FACTOR that I was looking for!

What do you think?

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