The botanical prints and towel hooks only set me back $12. How cool is that?!?

The builder grade towel rack was what had originally inspired the whole reno. I hated it so much that I even took it down before I took the before picture. Oops.


So I knew I needed to have a towel rack. This is a bathroom. It must be functional. I had a piece of wood in the garage. Perfect. It just needed to be painted. This part was tricky. I wanted something that looked really old and ragged. I was thinking I would try Miss Mustard Seed, except that this DIY was on a budget and I wanted to use stuff I had on hand.

I tried distressing that board with every method I could think of. Vaseline (or Dollar General brand Petroleum Jelly same difference), a salt wash, Valspar Crackle Glaze. I found some old mint green paint. Fail. I reached for my trusty Annie Sloan Old White. Too White. I tried Annie’s Paris Grey. Getting closer. I layered Old White, then Crackle Glaze, then another coat of Paris Grey. (You name it, I tried it.)


I FINALLY felt content with the board. So I added my hooks. The hooks reminded me of the label on a card catalog. And they were only $4/each at Hobby Lobby and with the 50% sale they were $2/each FOR THE WIN!! (I printed off some Rae Dunn inspired tags that say “Be Our Guest” and inserted them in the name plates.)

I had some leftover removable wallpaper from Target. I knew that would add some more texture to the room. And it would be functional


I just eyeballed how high up the wall I wanted to go. I knew that I wanted the towel hooks to be lower than the original builder grade rod, so this seemed like an appropriate height.

We added the board right over the seam.

I downloaded some of the most precious botanical prints from the Blesser House blog. I wanted to buy some inexpensive frames, so I headed over to the Dollar Tree. The frames would have prooooobbbbaaabbbly looked fine just as they were, but being the true DIY’er that I am, I added some Old White chalk paint using a dry brush technique.

Then we hung up the pictures using 3M Velcro that is removable and gave us a lot more flexibility in making sure that the pictures were evenly spaced out.


I love the end result. But I especially loved how inexpensive it was to make such a huge impact in this small space.

Hopefully this is something you can do too!

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