I knew I wanted something “different” when I was thinking about decorating our hallway. It is one of those spaces that is rarely used by guests. The purpose of the hallway is to connect our kids’ rooms. I’m standing in my son’s room to take this picture and my daughter’s room is to the left.

A friend of mine was talking about doing a stencil in her master bedroom, and I decided to look at the website too. I browsed the options on the Cutting Edge Stencil website. Before I knew it, I had ordered the 12×12 Augusta Tile. Click the picture below to go to the exact page.

Stencil Online

A few of my favorite people (Joanna Gaines and Erin of Cotton Stem) have used some similar designs (they used wallpaper and tile) and both had navy blue hues. I’m not entirely sure how I decided to do charcoal gray, but I guess it was something to do with the picture on the website getting stuck in my mind.

I watched a few videos on the Cutting Edge website to learn how to do it, linked here:

If I would have known at the time, that I would be blogging (I honestly still can’t believe I am blogging. weird) I would have taken some videos and better notes.

Here are a few tips, without pictures or videos…

  1. Use a sponge roller
  2. Roll off the excess paint, until your roller is mostly dry
  3. Apply pressure when rolling on the paint
  4. Because the roller is mostly dry, you will be able to pick up the stencil and place it right over what you just painted, to do your next “tile”
  5. The stencil has an overlapping pattern, so step #4 is easy (don’t be intimidated)
  6. Invest in the clip-on level, it will help to make sure your pattern stays straight even if your walls aren’t exactly even.

It is tedious, obviously. You are going to feel like “what the heck did I get myself into?!?” probably more than once during this process, but I promise you it is easier than you think.

It’s quirky and unique. Exactly what I was looking for.

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