Book Wallpaper

It’s not your typical accent wall. Then again, most things in our house aren’t typical. And like most of my ideas, I’m not entirely sure where this one came from either.

I’m still not completely sure I want to keep it forever, which is why I devised a temporary solution for what might have been a permanent wallpaper – and used a staple gun to attach it to the wall.

I stapled each corner of the wallpaper, so I probably have about 20-ish tiiiiiiiiiiny holes in the wall, and that’s it. We can easily fill those guys up and paint right over them if/when I decide to take it down.

I found the wallpaper on Amazon, but it is no longer available. I’ve included a link to some similar options here:


I picked up the windows at a yard sale, and originally hoped to layer 4 windows, but didn’t have room. I actually like 3 better than 4 anyway.

My dad helped me with the installation of the windows. He’s super good at stuff like that, and I really didn’t want to worry about super heavy antique windows (with glass) falling on our heads while we slept.

He found the studs and hung the first two. Then he drilled the third window on top of them. They are so secure, that I would be willing to bet that my kids could climb on them and they wouldn’t fall. My dad is the bestest.

I had a magnolia wreath hanging from the top of the center window, but moved the wreath into the bathroom (and I really like it there). So I’m still pondering what to add as a finishing touch, but I’m sure I’ll figure something out.


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