Our kitchen.


I personally think our kitchen is beautiful. It checked all my boxes during our house hunt. White cabinets √ Vented hood √ Interior brick √

When we bought our first house in 2012 my tastes were very different. We chose cherry cabinets and black granite and had our microwave over the stove. I think it was trendy back then. (Or at least I hope it was.)  Biloxi Kitchen 2


While our first home was under construction I started having second thoughts about the kitchen, but it was too late to make any changes. I even took an Annie Sloan chalk painting class, because I was determined to paint those cabinets white. But I was too scared to do it.

Biloxi Kitcen

If we didn’t have to move for Justin’s work, we would definitely still live in that house. And the kitchen would be as white as white can be. I know myself well enough to know that for certain.

During our second house hunt I was borderline psychotic about the kitchen. No regrets this time. I was gonna get it right. And luckily we did.

kitchen 2



When we walked into this house, thanks to the kitchen, I knew it was the one. It had to be ours. We looked at it on the very day it listed, and on day TWO we made an offer. And the rest is history. I bet the builder was one happy man. And so were we.

kitchen 3



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