The guy that built our house is amazing. His attention to detail is ON POINT. But one thing that wasn’t done (based on my research) is seal the grout. We have tile in our kitchen, laundry room, and all the bathrooms… and NONE of it is sealed.

So how do I know that? Because some really friendly and knowledgeable associate at Home Depot told me so… and I believe him. Ha!

It all started with our backsplash in our kitchen. The very first time we cooked, grease popped up on the backsplash and the grout never came clean. I even commented on a couple of home decor pages that I followed on Instagram and asked what they used to clean their grout. Someone said Softscrub, so I bought that. Nope. I tried baking soda. Nope. I tried every kind of soap, spray, scrub. Nope, nope and nope.

Here is a picture of our kids bathroom before I took the GroutRenew to its disgustingness.


But then, the above mentioned friendly associate recommended this stuff. And let me tell ya, it’s a game changer.


They have tons of colors to choose from, and even have a sample swatch that you can take home and match before purchasing. I used Bright White (even though the best match is probably more of a Snow White or Antique White.

Grout Renew

The application is also SUPER easy. You just use a toothbrush and swirl it like this.

Wipe off the excess like this.

And voila! FRESH AND CLEAN! Now I too can clean my grout with regular cleaner and it still looks good as new!


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