Rug PictureJute rugs are weird. It’s basically like having dirty ropes as a floor cover… and I’m not the first/only/last person to ever buy one. AND I’m pretty sure I broke every rule in the “how to care for a jute rug” manual. But I didn’t didn’t have a manual, only a tag that said “spot clean only” and I’m a rebel like that.

Our Husky puppy ATE our rug this summer, so it was a perfect opportunity to justify buying a new one. And this time, I knew exactly what I wanted.

Ivory Jute.

Remember the puppy I mentioned about 2 seconds ago. Yeah, he pee’d all over it the first day I bought it. Neat. So I spot cleaned it, just as directed, but it never looked clean. The picture above shows off it’s tightly woven (dirty) glory.

Enter washing machine.

My suggestions:

  • Use an industrial machine
    • You want the rug to fit without having to be folded
  • Don’t dry it
    • Find a place to hang it to dry, like a fence maybe. We used some exercise equipment in my husband’s weight room. It held tons of water, so you will probably want to let it dry outside.
  •  Poke any lose pieces back down to the bottom
    • I used the end of some scissors (and also had to cut off some super scraggly pieces)

This is the AFTER:


Admittedly, it looks more like a shag rug these days – but HEY its CLEAN!

Overall Conclusion:

If you are a perfectionist, I wouldn’t recommend using the washing machine. If you don’t mind a little bit of “character”, I say go for it!


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