I picked up this oversized tray at our neighborhood yard sale, for $3. I loved the size, so I had to snag it up. I didn’t let it’s bubbled bottom get me down… y’all know I love a reason to paint stuff!


I’ve had this itch to paint something like a grain sack, and almost took a brush to the coffee table… and even had a little daydream about painting grain sack stripes down the center of the laundry room wall. I 86’d that idea after I put up the backsplash.

Supplies Needed:IMG_7036

  • Tray
  • Painters Tape
    • I only had masking tape, and it worked fine… but painters tape is recommended.
  • White Paint 
    • I used Annie Sloan Old White.
  • Navy Paint
    • I used acrylic paint (annnd apparently forgot to photograph it. Oops!)
  • Paint Roller/Tray
  • Paint Brush


I painted the bottom of the tray with a roller, using Old White chalk paint. It took several coats (and honestly could have used several more) to make the bottom of the tray look smooth. IMG_7045I figured since I was adding the blue stripes, that I could get away with some texture.

←Look at those cute little baby feet. I love a captive audience, and Harbor Kate LOVES to be in the thick of errrrrthing… so we make a great team:)

I eyeballed the stripe placement, but feel free to use a measuring tape to get it exact. I used a wider tape in the middle and on the edges I used three narrow strips of tape and then pulled off the center one and painted in between them.



It looked like this when the tape was still down.IMG_7073

Pull off the tape, and that’s all there is to it! Albeit, it has it’s fair share of imperfections, but when styled, I think it looks FABULOUS! What do you think?!?




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